Attention Pocket Power Plus Owners...

Winter Survival Blanket

Winter Survival Blanket Turns Your
 Pocket Power Plus Into An Emergency
 "On-Demand" Heat Source!

Dear Friend,

As a Pocket Power Plus owner, you know how well it performs in everyday situations like keeping your laptop running or jump-starting your car. But did you know that it is also a life-saving survival device?

With winter in full swing... we're very excited to introduce a true "Plug-and-Play" survival tool that can keep you or a loved one... warm in the event of an emergency.

Here's the scoop on our own tactical survival blanket:

As we all know, winter weather conditions are something that you just can't set your watch by. In fact, they can be downright brutal... and even life threatening... especially if you're traveling. But the same can be true in an extended power outage even in the "comfort" of your own home. (I'm reminded of an ice storm a few years back when my family and I were left without power for three days... in below zero temperatures. We needed a "blizzard survival blanket" for that! (But that's a story for another time.)


So, we recently developed a product exclusively designed for the Pocket Power Plus that can mean the difference between survival and suffering. We call it the Winter Survival Blanket, and it's a true "Plug-and-Play" accessory for the Pocket Power Plus. It delivers instant "on-demand" heat in any emergency situation to keep you or your loved ones warm. I think it's the best survival blanket to use with your PPX.

The Winter Survival Blanket truly is an indispensable addition to your roadside emergency survival kit.

winter survival blanket

You just never know when you'll need your winter survival blanket.

Here's why You Should Consider A Winter Survival Blanket:

Reason #1: It's FAST... from the moment you plug your Winter Survival Blanket into your Pocket Power Plus... you have instant heat no matter how cold it is outside. 20 degrees... no problem. 20 below... no problem for this emergency blanket.

Reason #2: The Winter Survival Blanket provides life-saving heat for 5 continuous hours on a single Pocket Power Plus charge... which could mean the difference between surviving an ordeal and not surviving an ordeal.

Reason #3: You won't find the Winter Survival Blanket anywhere else in the world. This life-saving emergency product was developed exclusively for the Pocket Power Plus and is only available from Powerful Living.

Reason #4: Free shipping. As a Pocket Power Plus owner, you'll also receive free shipping... just our way of saying thanks for helping us to get the word out about the Pocket Power Plus.

Here are a few more important facts about the Winter Survival Blanket:

  • It's ultra-light... you won't even know you're wearing it (except for the heat, of course).
  • It's compact... you can stash it in your glove box, under your seat in the car or in your trunk with your roadside survival kit... without taking up a lot of space. This way it will always be available when you need it, but won't be in your way when you don't.

winter survival blanket
  • It's comfortable... I know, in a survival situation the last thing you're thinking about is comfort, but it really is soft and warm.

But the Winter Survival Blanket isn't a "one-trick pony". It can also be used in all sorts of everyday situations too. Bring it to the football game. Maybe up into the tree stand or duck blind when you're out hunting. Ever been out fishing in the miserable cold... but you just can't leave? It's perfect for that, too. Use it wherever... whenever you need extra heat for an extended period of time. It's a great piece of survival tactical gear.

USB survival blanket

Our winter survival blanket can keep you in the hunbting blind longer.

The price of the Winter Survival Blanket is just $60, (that's our special introductory price)... and, as I mentioned above, you'll also get free shipping.

Important: Be sure to apply any coupon codes or other promotional codes at checkout.

Oh... and one more thing. The Winter Survival Blanket is backed by:

A Full 90-Day Performance Guarantee!

Here's how it works: Should your Winter Survival Blanket fail—for any reason, at any time—within the first 90 days of use, simply send it back and we'll send you a brand new replacement...

Absolutely Free!

No hassles. No questions asked. Fair enough? If so...


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For Fast Service: Have your credit card ready and call the Priority Order Hotline and tell one of my friendly staff members you want to order the Winter Survival Blanket. They'll take care of the rest. The number to call is...


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To Order By Check Or Money Order: Send your payment to:

Powerful Living
Attn: Winter Survival Blanket
2200 Illinois Route 84
P.O. Box 361
Thomson, IL  61285

Checks and Money Orders should be made payable to: Powerful Living.


Bill Heid
President, Powerful Living

P.S. Another thing. We list the 5 hours "continuous" heating above for the winter survival blanket to give you an idea of what a fully charged Pocket Power Plus can deliver. But, if you have a solar panel connected, the run time will be much, much longer. Consider it your "solar survival blanket"!

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